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VEA combines VESDA reliability & early warning smoke detection with pinpoint addressability. VEA uses patented multi-channel microbore tubes & patented air-sampling points with three sensitivity settings. VEA divides a protected space into sampling locations, to pinpoint threats for faster response. Features include field programmability, enhanced connectivity, and centralized test & maintenance to provide reduced total cost of ownership. VEA has a IP40-rated enclosure & is equipped with a powerful pump, providing up to 100 m (328 ft) microbore tube lengths. Using VSC for commissioning, a normalization process establishes flow performance parameters. Local smoke test ports are used during servicing to verify that the system is fully operational. Field replaceable components such as filter, smoke smoke sensor module, and pump & rotary valve result in less down time and ease of maintenance.

Model Nos. VEA-040-A00, VEA-040-A10

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