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Programming and management software for INIM devices

Programming and control software for SmartLine, SmartLight and SmartLoop control panels

Each application contained in the SmartLeague package is distinct, however, all the applications share the same operational structure and interfaces. The applications allow management of intrusion control panels from the SmartLiving series, GSM diallers from the SmartLink series and fire control panels from the SmartLine, SmartLight and SmartLoop series. So you will find everything you need for the system programming process in a single package.

The system programming and start-up phases take up a large part of the installer’s time at the installation site. So, ever more frequently nowadays, installers are opting for computer-assisted programming methods.

When you use SmartLeague software to carry out diagnostics on a SmartLiving system, you have access to the system status in full detail. In this way, you can check the status of the zones, partitions, timers, peripherals and all the system elements.

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