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Supervisory software

SmartLook is a centralizing-management software program for INIM fire detection and intrusion-control systems.

It offers a vast application spectrum. Its modularity makes it ideal for industrial, commercial, home-automation and residential applications. A typical application is the centralized-supervision of several installations stationed in separate buildings or even different locations.

Other classic applications are hotel receptions, congress centres, shopping malls and places where the constant supervision of a fire/security system allows operators, with the help of the essential information and a plan of action, to provide prompt response to alarm events.

The SmartLook software program, thanks to its user-friendly interface also plays an important role in domotic installations. In fact, when it is combined with the management of a SmartLiving intrusion-control panel, a computer can actually become “house manager” and take full advantage of the true potential of the SmartLiving series control panels. For this purpose, it is possible to obtain the “lite” Intrusion licence which allows you to manage all the SmartLiving control panel functions and maximize the system capabilities.

The SmartLook supervisory software uses graphic maps connected together in a ‘tree’ structure. Each map accepts an arbitrary number of objects. The objects can be supervised elements (detectors, partitions, zones, outputs, etc.)

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